Corporate Profile

Fahad International Company is a leading service provider in specialized training, military supplies, consultancy and related services.

Founded in 1985 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, FIC has evolved into a globally competitive, reliable service provider that offers a comprehensive range of training and supply services to the military, law enforcement, homeland security, aerospace and maritime sectors.

FIC’s capabilities encompass reliability through all stages of program development, deployment and execution.

Key Domestic Player

FIC has been in the forefront of military and security services in the Kingdom through reliable and outstanding supplies of systems and consumables to end users. FIC also established a reputable partnerships, joint ventures and cooperation agreements with renowned international player in the defence and security industry.

Key Strategies

The following critical strategies are pursued by FIC:

  • Reliable products and continuous development of system.
  • Extend links with key technology centres.
  • Raise additional venture capital.
  • Expand senior management team.
  • Recruit non-executive directors.
  • Strengthen human resources function.
  • Appoint advisers for intellectual property and finance.
  • Seek new market segments/applications for products.

Corporate Resposibility

FIC believes as a company in having a four-fold corporate responsibility:

  • Responsibility to our clients to listen and to respond, and to provide them with the very best service.
  • Responsibility to the community to be a good corporate citizen and develop skills for the broader
    development of our society.
  • As a 100% Saudi owned company, FIC believes that it is an important to set an example in the security
    industry and uphold the principles through good governance, should help in contributing the development in the future for the country.
  • We have an obligation to our employees and members to grow and safeguard their investment, and to provide a fulfilling work experience.


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