Corporate Values

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote reliable methodologies and empower our customers to apply these methodologies in ways that will maximizes their productivity and profitability while assuring the safety, reliability and quality of their products, processes and services.

FIC accomplished this mission through global leadership in all aspects of services. With continuous incorporation of new and proven technologies into the programs and solutions, customers are enable to be on the forefront of their industries.
FIC acknowledges that customers are the most important element of success and strive to ensure that our customers needs are the first and foremost priority.
The key to success lies in the fact that FIC recruits, trains, develops and retains employees of exceptional character, ability and dedication. Provided are excellent working conditions, attractive benefits, great growth opportunities and a high level of employment security ensuring the high motivation and effectiveness.

Business Philosophy

FIC is fully aware of the fact that a contract does not only consist of a security component, but that financial, human and corporate aspects play a major role in the planning and running of successful contracts therefore adopting a holistic approach towards business commitments, incorporating the following philosophies:

  • Remain relevant to clients. Remain updated on developments within the industry that can increase their security and our cost effectiveness.
  • Achieve and maintain the highest standards within the industry, through bespoke solutions for each client, assuring all work related activities are correctly performed. This will result in the safety and security of clients, their staff and visitors, and prevent and minimize the likelihood of – crime and safety & security
    hazards being introduced through the work environment.
  • A reputation based on commitment to Customer Service.
  • Build dynamic relationships with major Stakeholders, Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Partners and the
  • Build quality into every undertaking.
  • Continue to strive and be a distinctive and world class service provider of security solutions in Saudi Arabia.
  • Commit to ongoing innovation and improvement in all aspects of business. Being innovative in operational standards, service delivery and technology ensuring FIC to be an industry leader.


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