Corporate Structure

FIC’s corporate structure is designed to enable and enhance the company’s core competencies ensuring that it will meet and exceed customers satisfaction. Built around three core areas ensuring the most effective solution in applying our system, it enables FIC to implement all of its target and plans accordingly and effectively. This are:

Specialized Training Services

FIC follows a systematic approach to training development and our clients participates in the process. The result are unique solutions based upon specific training or operational requirements. Always striving to be the leader in the industry by presenting the most intensive, realistic and practical training, extensive use of simulators to create real scenarios and trainees are ultimately tested in real life field training exercises.
Training package includes international standard documentation, which include curriculums, manuals, learner and
facilitator guides.


Consultancy services focus on high-end training and development acivities. FIC asses clients requirements through extensive consultation, analysis and developing findings and recommendations that are presented to clients for consideration and decision making.
Through mentorship programs, FIC support clients at all levels to execute decisions in the most effective manner.

Security and Military Supplies

FIC specialises in the supply of military and security soft and hardware. FIC is capable of supplying quality tactical gear, equipment & clothing to military, law enforcement and security personnels. We strive on our sound management policies, stringent financial controls, absolute confidentiality and total commitment to the client. This allows us to be successful in a tough industry. Our searches go wide and far to bring you the best tactical gear on
offer. If we do not stock the tactical gear you require, we will find it.


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